​​​​​​In 2012, the Ascent Aviation team began evaluating the development of an alternate landing site near Perth Airport, in Western Australia, to benefit the airlines servicing Perth, and their passengers. 

Very early in the concept planning, Cunderdin Aerodrome was identified as a site that was likely to meet the stringent selection criteria. 

In early 2013, after detailed site analysis, Cunderdin was selected as the development site. Ascent Aviation Pty Ltd was formally established at that time.

The Project Team

Based in Perth, the Ascent Aviation team includes commercial, legal, engineering, and aviation professionals. The team's individual experience is in 

  • major infrastruc​ture development;

  • complex foreign investment contract negotiations; 

  • project finance and investment banking;

  • aerodrome design, construction, and operation; 

  • airline executive management and ground operations; and 

  • long-haul, widebody airline captaincy.

This combined experience represents a uniquely qualified project team, perfectly suited to plan and execute the redevelopment of Cunderdin Aerodrome into an international-standard alternate landing site.