​​​​​​​Welcome to Ascent Aviation

Ascent Aviation is in the final stages of planning the redevelopment of Cunderdin Aerodrome.
The project is aimed at reducing the fuel costs for wide-body, international airlines, servicing Perth Airport.

Airlines carry a lot of reserve fuel to Perth, to mitigate the risk of needing to divert to another airport, in the event they are unable to land at Perth.

If you live in Perth, you have no doubt heard of the occasions where Perth Airport has experienced traffic delays due to bad weather. It affects departing and arriving traffic, however it's the arriving traffic that is particularly affected. Depending on the size of the aircraft, and if they're carrying enough fuel, the affected inbound flights might be able to divert to Kalgoorlie or Geraldton. 

Bigger aircraft, typically the international flights, are too big for Kalgoorlie and Geraldton, and will end up in either Learmonth (Exmouth), Port Hedland, or Adelaide. In some instances, it might be Melbourne or Sydney.

Our project will establish a new general and commercial aviation precinct which in turn will increase Perth's appeal to the commercial aviation industry.​

Ascent's objective is to redevelop Cunderdin Aerodrome into an aviation facility that offers the larger aircraft a much closer alternative than Learmonth or Adelaide. 

Cunderdin sounds far away, but in aviation terms, it's "just next door".  It's a ~15 minute flight, as opposed to the very many hours passengers might endure by flying much further away. 

Aviation is a complex industry; we understand if an international-standard runway in a WA country town doesn't immediately make sense. But it's the complexity of the industry, coupled with the simplicity of this project, that makes Cunderdin the obvious and perfect location to establish an alternate landing site to Perth. 

We hope the information contained here, within our website, explains what an alternate landing site is, why airlines need them, and why a facility in Cunderdin resolves a unique problem that airlines experience at Perth Airport.​